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Eric Vanderbilt-Mathews

Saxophone, Clarinet, piano

Quinn Bachand Brishen-Eric Vanderbilt-Ma

A Whidbey Island native, Eric Vanderbilt-Mathews began playing violin at the age of four, switched to piano a year later, and then picked up clarinet and saxophone in middle school, which have been his main focus ever since.   

Eric has performed at the prestigious Djangofest Northwest Festival on numerous occasions.  A popular sideman, he has performed with Ranger and the Re-Arrangers and the Hot Club of Troy.  It was at Djangofest Northwest that Eric and Quinn first met.  Eric enjoys playing in the Brishen ensemble, touring and performing with Quinn and fellow Brishen-ers at folk and jazz festivals in the United States,  Canada and Europe.


Eric is currently involved with over a dozen different bands around the Pacific Northwest, performing locally and internationally in a variety of settings and genres, but most frequently jazz.




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