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Reuben Wier

Rhythm Guitar & Vocals

Reuben Wier has been an original Brishen-er since the band made its debut in 2012.  He is  a multi-faceted musician, born on Queen Charlotte Island, now based in Victoria, BC.  Reuben compliments his fiery yet unpretentious guitar playing with vocals described as 'husky-smooth as honey'. With influences ranging from swing to soul, gospel to manouche, blues to jazz,  he has captivated audiences around the world.  Reuben is known for his complex but accessible improvisations, driving rhythms and a nostalgic dreamy aesthetic. He has toured internationally with Brishen as well as with the critically acclaimed Marc Atkinson Trio.  He has led the Montreal-based Griffintown Hotclub and played with The Ambassadors and FNK Orchestra.

Currently, Reuben also plays with the Red Hot Swing Set and the Capital City Syncopators.  On occasion he can also be heard playing with The Yiddish Columbia State Orchestra, The Flying Saucers, The Stomp Club and Chris Sartisohn.

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